As a Senior Software Engineer I have worked primarily with Microsoft Technologies using the following: C#, VB.Net, Visual Studio, SQL Server, XSLT, Visio, MS Access, ASP / VBScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBA.

My experience covers the creation of applications from the ground up, to maintaining and enhancing existing applications. I have worked closely with project managers, business analysts, and stake holders to get answers, provide feedback, and complete projects. I have written Use Cases and documented processes using Visio, and I have helped write and review requirements. From my experience at multiple companies, I am comfortable working with Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Responsive Design: I recently started the process of converting my company web application to be responsive, using the twitter Bootstrap CSS framework. I soon discovered that it was much easier to convert it to a responsive design than I had originally thought it would be. I also believe that for a large majority of corporate applications the time spent making your web application responsive would be more cost effective that maintaining multiple code bases in an effort to support one or more phone apps.

Unit Testing: Unit Testing seems to have quite a wide range of opinions spanning from to "it is a waste of time" to "you should never create a method before you write the unit test". I believe that the middle ground is where you can get the most benefit from your unit tests. Here are some of the guidelines I use day to day when creating and maintaining software.

Intergration Testing: I use the selenium framework with the Firefox drivers (see link below). I have had very good luck with this framework, it is very easy to use if you a C# devloper and can get up to speed in less that a day. If time is short and it only permits you to do either unit testing or intergration testing I would choose writing UI intergration tests with selenium. If you can run through your website and as many scenario's as possible that will give you an idea of the health of you website.

Also you can run the selenium UI tests using the NUnit windows app test runner which is what I do.

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